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Epicatechin and What You Must Learn about It Today

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Epicatechin is an underutilized non-hormonal supplement or substance with significant potential for physique enhancement. Epicatechin is also a flavonol, a phytochemical derived from plants that can be found in trace amounts in foods such as green tea and dark chocolate. And in dark chocolate, the darker the better, with pure cocoa containing nearly 3mg per gram. 

What You Can Get from Epicatechin

Numerous studies have revealed that epicatechin has a number of physiological benefits, including an increase in muscle mass and strength, vascularity, blood flow, and improved endurance, glucose regulation, muscle protein synthesis, antioxidant properties for lower cholesterol levels, and brain and heart stimulation.

The Function of Epicatechin and its Myostatin Connection

Myostatin is a myokine protein that acts as a muscle growth inhibitor. Meanwhile, myostatin deficiency causes massive muscularity increases in animals, either due to a defective gene or compounds that inhibit production. Myostatin inhibition or deficiency unblocks muscle growth. 

Several supplements to inhibit myostatin production have been developed over the last two decades, but they have all failed until now. 

Epicatechin appears to raise follistatin levels, a muscle protein that binds to and inhibits myostatin action. In a nutshell, lower myostatin levels result in increased muscle mass. 

The Health Benefits of Epicatechin

While epicatechin allows for efficient muscle-building, it also provides health benefits for one’s achievement of peak fitness. According to a 2007 Harvard University study, epicatechin appears to reduce the risk of death from four common diseases: diabetes, strokes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Additionally, in a separate Salk Institute study, epicatechin improved blood flow and memory, with exercise amplifying the effect. 

Epicatechin and Stamina 

Epicatechin supplementation may improve muscle pumps and endurance even when not training. This is especially useful for endurance athletes and those trying to maintain fitness levels during periods of inactivity. 

Epicatechin and Weight Management 

In 2012, researchers discovered that eating dark chocolate reduced body fat even when caloric intake was increased. The high epicatechin content of dark chocolate most likely aided in improving participants’ body composition by promoting fat loss and muscle gain. 

The Dosing of Epicatechin

Epicatechin should be taken in doses of 1-2mg/kg body weight. Athletes and muscle builders, according to users, benefit from dosing at the higher end, around 150-200mg or more per day. To get those amounts from diet alone, you’d have to eat a lot of chocolate, so supplements are recommended. 

The Uses of Epicatechin 

Epicatechin is so beneficial and safe that it can be used indefinitely, rather than just for a limited time. To get the best results, we recommend taking it for four weeks or longer. 

The Safety of Epicatechin

Epicatechin is safe to use by almost any healthy adult and has been shown to significantly improve body composition. When purchasing a supplement, women should look for epicatechin that is not combined with test boosters.


Fortunately, today’s modern technology and updated medical studies give us the knowledge and information we need. And now that epicatechin is more accessible, we finally have the chance to pursue our muscle-building goals in safe and effective ways. With the right guidance, quality supplements, and discipline, time can reveal our most desired results!

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