How To Take Liquid SARMs?

Liquid SARMs can be taken either orally, via injection, or under the tongue.

How To Take Powder SARMs?

Powder SARMs can simply be chased down with water or added into a smoothie. Exact quantities depend on the specific SARM.

Are SARMs Safer Than Steroids?

SARMs are much safer than steroids because they are ‘tissue-selective’, meaning they only target specific muscles instead of the whole body.

Do SARMs Need PCT?

Certain SARMs will need PCT, while others won’t if you take care with your dosages and cycle lengths. For SARMs that don’t need PCT, your body will naturally recover from the suppression in about a month.

Do SARMs Show Up in Drug Tests?

Regular drug tests usually don’t test for SARMs, but some might. *

Can You Drink Alcohol While on A SARMs Cycle?

It is strongly recommended that you do not consume alcohol during a cycle, due to excess pressure on the liver.

Do SARMs Cause Acne?

Some of the more potent SARMs can cause acne on the shoulders and back.

Do SARMs Cause Cancer?

Studies have never shown links to causing cancer.

Are SARMs Liver Toxic?

Certain SARMs are more liver toxic than others. Check your specific SARM before acquiring for best practice.

Do SARMs Cause Gyno?

SARMs from reputable providers should not cause gyno. Always make sure to purchase from a reliable supplier like Vi Corpus to avoid unnecessary risks.

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