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HGH Frag 176-191: The Ultimate Bodybuilding Supplement

HGH Frag 176-191

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HGH Frag 176-191: The Ultimate Bodybuilding Supplement

In the world of bodybuilding, muscle growth and fat loss are the two most important aspects of a training program. While there are countless supplements that claim to help you achieve your goals, few are as effective as HGH Frag 176-191. This peptide has been gaining popularity among bodybuilders for its ability to promote muscle growth, reduce body fat, and enhance recovery. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at HGH Frag 176-191, its benefits, how it was created, and why it is so popular among bodybuilders.

What is HGH Frag 176-191?

HGH Frag 176-191 is a synthetic peptide derived from the human growth hormone (HGH). This peptide consists of amino acids 176-191 of the HGH molecule, which is responsible for the fat-burning properties of the hormone. HGH Frag 176-191 is designed to mimic the fat-burning effects of HGH without affecting insulin sensitivity or glucose levels in the body.

Benefits of HGH Frag 176-191

  1. Fat loss: HGH Frag 176-191 is known for its ability to burn fat, particularly in the abdominal area. It promotes lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fat cells for energy. This leads to a reduction in body fat and an increase in lean muscle mass.
  2. Muscle growth: HGH Frag 176-191 stimulates the production of IGF-1, which is a growth hormone that plays a crucial role in muscle growth. This peptide also increases protein synthesis, which is essential for building and repairing muscle tissue.
  3. Enhanced recovery: HGH Frag 176-191 has been shown to enhance recovery time after intense workouts. This is because it promotes the regeneration of muscle tissue and reduces inflammation in the body.

How was HGH Frag 176-191 created?

HGH Frag 176-191 was first developed by scientists at Monash University in Australia. The researchers were looking for a way to isolate the fat-burning properties of HGH without affecting other metabolic processes in the body. They discovered that amino acids 176-191 of the HGH molecule were responsible for the fat-burning effects of the hormone. They then synthesized this peptide and tested it on rats, where it showed significant fat-burning properties.

Why is HGH Frag 176-191 so popular in bodybuilding?

HGH Frag 176-191 is popular among bodybuilders for several reasons. Firstly, it is a highly effective fat burner, particularly in the abdominal area, which is often a problem area for many people. Secondly, it promotes muscle growth and recovery, which are essential for bodybuilding. Lastly, it is a safe and natural alternative to other fat-burning supplements on the market.

How to use HGH Frag 176-191?

HGH Frag 176-191 is typically administered via subcutaneous injection. The recommended dose is 250-500mcg per day, split into two or three doses. It is important to follow the recommended dosage guidelines and not exceed the recommended dose.

Where to buy HGH Frag 176-191?

If you are looking to buy HGH Frag 176-191, VI Corpus is the best place to do so. They offer high-quality peptides at competitive prices, and their customer service is second to none. All of their products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility and undergo rigorous testing to ensure their purity and potency.


HGH Frag 176-191 is a highly effective fat-burning and muscle-building supplement that is popular among bodybuilders. It promotes fat loss, muscle growth, and enhanced recovery, making it an essential part of any bodybuilding program. If you are looking to buy HGH Frag 176-191, make sure to purchase it from a reputable source such as VI Corpus to ensure you are getting a high-quality product. It’s also important to consult with a healthcare professional before beginning any new supplement regimen. With the right diet and exercise plan, as well as the use of HGH Frag 176-191, you can achieve your bodybuilding goals and take your physique to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? Start your HGH Frag 176-191 journey today and see the amazing results for yourself!

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