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Understanding Laxogenin and Its Four Crucial Benefits


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Laxogenin is part of a group of compounds of plant steroids known as brassinosteroids. They are responsible for the regulation of genes and growth in plants. They are also similar to ecdysteroids and animal steroid hormones.

It would be best not to confuse it with a prohormone or a SARMs supplement because it has a different function than those two. It works uniquely on its own, and it has little to no side effects when you take it.

What Are the Benefits of Laxogenin?

1. Boosts Muscle Growth

Many athletes using or have used Laxogenin have noticed significant lean muscle growth. After taking it for a few weeks, you may witness its muscle-building effects with continuous training.

Also, you may experience an increase in your performance after consuming this unique compound. You can gain 2 to 5 kgs per cycle if you take Laxogenin. These gains are clean since there is no water retention present.

2. For Weight Loss

If you are looking for a supplement to take during your weight loss journey, you can consider Laxogenin. Since it is safe to use, you can consume it to help you lose weight.

It is known for breaking down fat cells. What’s more, people take it to prevent muscle loss during their weight loss journey.

3. Improves Protein Synthesis

Since it is not a SARMs supplement, this plant-based supplement ensures your body does not break down muscle proteins. With more muscle proteins present in your body, you can increase your performance significantly.

You should also recover faster and enhance your muscle mass by increasing protein synthesis. As such, it is highly recommended for individuals who want to improve their physique and physical performance, including women.

4. Increased Power and Strength

You can improve your conditioning after you take Laxogenin. With the proper regimen and consistency with your workouts, you can notice your muscles becoming fuller.

You can also put in better pumps during your workouts when you take Laxogenin supplements. The contractions you make should help you get more results from your exercises.

How Does It Work?

Studies show that Laxogenin works by increasing the body’s protein synthesis. It simultaneously does it while decreasing the protein breakdown in the body. This is a consistent theme among brassinosteroids.

It is also known for improving muscle recovery and growth by inhibiting the stress hormone cortisol. However, excessive cortisol levels may make building your muscles and strength impossible. That is why there is an ideal dosage of Laxogenin you should take per day.

What Is the Ideal Laxogenin Cycle and Dosage?

If you are thinking of running a cycle of Laxogenin, you need to use it for a minimum of six weeks and a maximum of twelve weeks. It is highly recommended that you run a ten to twelve-week cycle since it yields more results.

The best daily dosage you can take is between 100 mg to 200 mg. If you use 200 mg per day, you should notice faster and better results. But if you want a more relaxed approach, you can take 100 mg per day.

Ending Note

Now that you know all the benefits of Laxogenin, do you think you will use it in your next cycle? After all, it is a safe and effective supplement that you can use.

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