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The Truth About Supplements: 4 Things You Should Know

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Dietary supplements are great for people lacking certain elements in their diet. They became popular in the 1940s and have been a staple in many households around the world. And as time went on, supplements developed and improved with decades of research, validating their viability for the improvement of health.

Here are four things you need to know about supplements:

1. Some Supplements Work, While Others Don’t

The reality of this is much more complicated than it seems. Many supplements can improve the body’s chances of absorbing essential nutrients. They have been proven to give a boost to your health. Some, like probiotics, can help with digestion and skin problems. Others, like Vitamin D, can help keep bones strong.

The key is to examine the product’s legitimacy and examine the science. If the product’s main selling points are too good to be true, it likely is. There is no one supplement that can do everything, and every supplement, realistically enough, has its own limitations.

2. Supplements Can Be Dangerous if Taken Incorrectly

There are many supplements in the modern that are both safe and effective, but should be especially wary of the following:

  • Supplements that claim to cure cancer
  • Supplements that claim to boost brain acuity or enhance memory
  • Supplements that claim to prevent heart disease or stave off aging
  • Supplements that claim to enhance fertility
  • Supplements that claim to cure chronic fatigue or other ailments without the use of pharmaceuticals

Again, any supplement that makes frivolous promises that are too good to be true. And as with all things, too much of a good thing is bad. Make sure to consume only the amount recommended, as overconsumption leads to its own slew of complications.

3. Different Supplements Work For Different Conditions

Vitamin D may help reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, but it may not help reduce the risk for heart disease. Vitamins and minerals may be safe for some or interact with certain medication.

Omega-3 fatty acids may help reduce risk factors for heart disease, but they won’t necessarily reduce your risk of dying from cancer. To determine whether a supplement will work for you, it’s essential to know your specific condition and get a recommendation from your doctor.

4. You Should Speak with Your Healthcare Provider Before Taking Any Supplements

If you have a deficiency, you should speak to your doctor to determine what you need.

You also need to have a good relationship with your doctor because stores are beginning to sell supplements made from food, herbs, and plants. Since their safety and effectiveness are not regulated, it’s essential to know that the products are all-natural ingredients.

While dietary supplements can be lifesavers for many, it’s essential to know that not all supplements are created equal. Some supplements have been proven effective, while others pose a danger to your health.


The two broad categories of supplements are those sold in a pharmacy and those purchased online. While it’s difficult to tell from an ad what kind of product you’re getting, products sold at a pharmacy are usually safe. However, you must consult a healthcare provider before trying these nutritional supplements.

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