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All the Basic Information You Need to Know About Reflexology

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The word reflexology comes from the word reflex. Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to specific points on the feet and hands to influence the internal organs and general body functions. If you’re thinking of having reflexology done, then you’ve come to the right page. Here, you will know crucial information on this treatment and why it’s worth giving a try.

Reflexology in Traditional Chinese Medicine

In Traditional Chinese medicine, reflexology is used to stimulate the body’s own self-healing ability. It is believed that the reflex points on the hands and feet are connected to all of the body’s organs and internal organs.

By applying pressure to these reflex points through the hands and feet, it is thought that there will be a corresponding flow of energy to the organs in balance. It is further believed that the energy flow within the body will result in the healing of the internal organ if there is an illness or imbalance.

Other Theories About Reflexology

Although reflexology is a part of Traditional Chinese medicine, there are many other theories about how it works.

In these theories, the reflex points are no longer seen as being linked to the internal organs but are used as a tool to release stored tension or blockages. The blockages lead to pain, illness or other negative symptoms.

By releasing the tension in the body, the symptoms are thought to disappear as the body’s self-healing ability is stimulated to help overcome negative symptoms.

What are the Benefits of Reflexology?

The benefits of reflexology arise from the fact that the feet, hands and ears are major nerve centres. A reflexologist will work with these points to help a person whose life is affected by stress and chronic pain.

The benefits of reflexology include:

  • relief from minor aches and pains
  • relief from anxiety
  • improved circulation
  • better sleep
  • better overall health

Who Can Benefit From Reflexology?

Anybody can benefit from having reflexology. It is an excellent tool for relaxation and stress relief. Reflexology is also beneficial after a woman has given birth.

Most of the pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy is eliminated by having a reflexology treatment. People who have arthritis can also benefit from a reflexology treatment.

What to Expect When You’re Getting a Reflexology Treatment

When you are receiving a reflexology treatment, you can expect to be sitting in a relaxed position with your feet in a basin of warm water. The reflexologist will work with different points on your foot to stimulate blood to flow to the internal organs that correspond to that area.

You should expect to feel a pleasant pulling sensation as your reflexologist works with the different points. It is recommended that you remove your shoes and any jewellery before having a reflexology treatment.

Try Reflexology

Reflexology is a very traditional treatment that can benefit those who are suffering from a variety of conditions, from stress-related illnesses to repetitive strain injury.

Your body’s internal organs are stimulated by stimulating the different points on your feet, hands and ears, and an improved flow of energy will naturally cause your body to heal itself. Thankfully, many reflexologists can help you with this process, and you can find some of the best in your local area.

Thinking of doing a course in Reflexology? Get in touch with Irene Tasho from Reflexology Australia who’s an accredited trainer and professional member of The Reflexology Association of Australia. They are offer several workshops, training, and Diplomas based in North Turramurra NSW.

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