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Why Should SARM Users Undergo PCT After a Cycle?

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Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) are among the best aids for muscle building due to little to no side effects. As researchers and bodybuilders become interested in the supplement, users now consider it a better alternative to androgenic steroids.

But similar to other supplements, SARMs may require people to take post cycle therapy (PCT) to ensure the body reverts to its natural testosterone production rate to ensure safety. But what are the other benefits of PCT people should consider? Here are some ideas.

1. To Allow the Body to Revert to Its Natural Process

Once you’ve finished your cycle, there is a good chance you will want your hormone levels to go back to the way they were before, or at least want healthy testosterone levels. To get the body back to its normal state, PCT is required for you to get to the stage. As testosterone levels decrease, your male characteristics fade away, including body hair, muscle mass, and sex drive.

2. To Help Maintain the Muscles Gained

Another benefit of PCT is to make sure the muscles you’ve gained do not disappear. If you’ve just finished your cycle and want to keep your muscles from disappearing, you’ll want to consider PCT. Remember that your body will start to revert to its pre-cycle state, so this PCT step is necessary to ensure your muscle mass does not fade away.

3. To Replenish Testosterone Levels

The most significant danger with using SARMs is the damage they can do to your testosterone levels. If you’ve just finished your cycle, your testosterone levels will drop drastically, and you will have to take measures to replenish them. PCT is one of the best ways to do so.

4. To Keep Sex Drive High

If you are already experiencing a decrease in sex drive, you may consider PCT to keep your sex drive high. On a SARMs cycle, your body will likely undergo low testosterone levels. When this occurs, your sex drive will plummet, and you may have trouble at work and in your relationships due to a lack of sex drive. PCT is one of the ideal ways to increase your sex drive and keep your testosterone levels regular.

5. To Help Improve Overall Health

SARMs can have adverse side effects like anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure. Taking PCT helps reduce these side effects and can improve your overall health.

How Long Does Post-Cycle Therapy Last?

The PCT duration depends on the kind of SARMs you are using, the type of SARMs, and your body’s reaction. If you have chosen to use Ostarine, Cardarine, or LGD-4033, you will likely have to take your PCT for a longer time. LGD-4033, for example, is known to reduce testosterone for a more extended period than Ostarine or Cardarine. If you experience higher stress levels, you may need to give it a brief break.

How is Post Cycle Therapy Done?

Post-cycle therapy may occur in many different ways. It all depends on your hormones, metabolism, and other factors. But if you’re considering using post-cycle therapy, you’ll have to have a blood test beforehand to understand your body and testosterone levels better. Once you know your body’s natural levels, you can begin PCT.


With all the benefits of PCT, it is clear why some bodybuilders are now switching from steroid cycles to SARMs cycles. The decision to use PCT will help ensure you do not experience any unwanted side effects from the SARMs.

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