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Beginner Gains Stack

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The Beginner Gains Stack from VI Corpus, featuring LGD4033 and RAD150, is a well-researched oral SARM stack designed for novice bodybuilders. EXTREME PHYSIQUE (LGD4033), or Ligandrol, is a potent SARM that aims to increase muscle mass, harden muscles, and enhance overall strength while aiding in fat loss. This component helps in sculpting and toning the physique efficiently. TEST 2.0 (RAD150), known as TLB-150 Benzoate, functions like natural testosterone, providing a steady testosterone level in the body. It stands out among anabolic esters for its effectiveness, stable pharmacokinetics, and ability to bind and activate androgen receptors. This stack, intended for oral use, offers benefits such as muscle mass increase, fat reduction, strength gains, muscle growth, and quick muscle recovery, with dosages and timings to be advised by a medical professional.

Customer Reviews

Dion Rinaldo
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Impressed with the quality of the SARMS I received from Vicorpus.com. Noticed significant improvements in my workouts within weeks.
Russell Douglas
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The peptides I bought were exactly as described. Efficient delivery and noticeable results in my overall health.
Desha Wijenayake
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Great experience purchasing SARMS from Vicorpus.com. The product was top-notch, and customer service was very helpful with my queries.

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