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Wolverine Peptides Stack

This stack consists of the following products:
1 × BPC-157

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1 × TB-500

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AUD $125.00
1 × GHK-CU

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AUD $149.00
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Please be aware that each vial purchased from our website contains only freeze-dried peptide powder. Vials do not come with Bacteriostatic water or Saline Solutions. To use our products, you will need to obtain and add the appropriate water yourself. This approach allows you the flexibility to choose your preferred diluent and ensures the integrity of our peptides during shipping.
Wolverine peptides are a class of synthetic peptides designed to mimic the regenerative abilities often associated with the comic book character Wolverine. These peptides aim to enhance wound healing, tissue regeneration, and overall recovery by promoting cellular repair processes. They function by stimulating collagen production, reducing inflammation, and supporting the natural healing processes of the body. Some examples of such peptides include BPC-157, TB-500, and GHK-Cu, each with specific roles in accelerating tissue repair and recovery.

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Dion Rinaldo
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Impressed with the quality of the SARMS I received from Vicorpus.com. Noticed significant improvements in my workouts within weeks.
Russell Douglas
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The peptides I bought were exactly as described. Efficient delivery and noticeable results in my overall health.
Desha Wijenayake
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Great experience purchasing SARMS from Vicorpus.com. The product was top-notch, and customer service was very helpful with my queries.

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