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Vascular – MK2866

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VASCULAR (MK2866): Dynamic Oral SARM for Enhanced Muscle Definition and Endurance VASCULAR (MK2866), with a 33mg/ml dosage, is an effective oral SARM, widely recognized as Ostarine. It excels in treating muscle wasting, particularly during cutting phases, and is equally beneficial for bulking and body recomposition. Notably, VASCULAR (MK2866) boosts endurance, allowing for extended workout sessions, even on calorie-restricted diets. It ensures rapid muscle recovery post-exercise and facilitates increased muscle activity, contributing to a leaner, more defined physique. Key benefits include bolstering bone health, regulating insulin, building muscle mass, and effectively shredding body fat. Administered orally, it’s a go-to choice for those seeking a well-rounded approach to physical conditioning and muscle development.

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Dion Rinaldo
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Impressed with the quality of the SARMS I received from Vicorpus.com. Noticed significant improvements in my workouts within weeks.
Russell Douglas
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The peptides I bought were exactly as described. Efficient delivery and noticeable results in my overall health.
Desha Wijenayake
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Great experience purchasing SARMS from Vicorpus.com. The product was top-notch, and customer service was very helpful with my queries.

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  1. Came quickly and packaged very well and safely, would be better if there was a way to track the delivery tho

  2. Easy to use and very helpful

  3. Delivery took over a week this time, but usually very good

  4. Great prompt fast turn around

  5. Very prompt service. Thanks

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