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What are Physiotherapists and How Do They Help With Fitness?


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Traditionally, physiotherapy has been a hands-on, manual therapy technique that includes joint mobility or movement, manipulation (clicking or cracking of joints), soft tissue massage, and trigger point therapy. All of these therapeutic methods and outdated treatments such as ultrasonography were used to decrease muscle or joint stiffness and discomfort. Treatment intervention has recently begun to emphasise motor (or movement) skill rehabilitation, recovering strength and flexibility, increasing daily function, improving walking or gait, and training in the use of mobility aids and executing safe transfers. 

This method is becoming increasingly common in physiotherapy practice, thanks in part to studies detailing the application of specialised motor learning procedures in attaining functional improvement in the elderly and children with cerebral palsy. An increasing body of studies also reveals the evident benefits of training in the use of mobility aids, training in the use of assistive technologies, and improving functional balance in decreasing falls in the elderly. 

What Physiotherapists Do 

Physiotherapists work with patients to prevent, evaluate, diagnose and treat injuries, illnesses, and disabilities that affect a person’s movement, sensation, coordination, and balance. 

They are qualified graduates who have had extensive specialist training. Physiotherapists may offer one-on-one personalised treatment and exercises or work in groups to help patients rehabilitate. They help patients to recover and achieve as much movement and function as possible. 

Physiotherapists help to improve a person’s quality of life by treating and preventing: 

  • Injuries, such as sprains, strains, and fractures 
  • Disorders, such as chronic pain, osteoarthritis, back pain, and arthritis 
  • Public health concerns, like obesity and diabetes 

To do this, Physiotherapists: 

  • study and assess a patient’s medical history 
  • screen and test patients for certain medical conditions 
  • assist patients in recovery from illness and injury 
  • teach patients physical fitness and good health habits 

Physiotherapists improve movement, strength, and mobility in people who have limited function or have lost their ability to move due to illness, injury, or age. 

Common Mistakes People Make While Following a Physiotherapy Program 

Everyone can benefit from exercise; however, problems appear when the activity or program is carried out incorrectly. Among the most common errors that result in injury are: 

  • Unsuitable frequency and intensity, For example, going too hard, too quickly, exercising infrequently/undertraining, and increasing training intensity at a rate that the body cannot adjust to. 
  • The frequency and intensity of exercise are acceptable for your fitness level, but the sort of activity is improper for your injury or medical condition. Heavy overhead squats, for example, may not be ideal for you at that point in your rehabilitation if you have a lower back issue. 

However, we don’t want you to avoid activity totally out of fear of injury or re-injury. The health concerns associated with not exercising are numerous and can lead to chronic health disorders. Regular exercise can help control over 35 chronic diseases and cure over 25 chronic illnesses. As a result, if in doubt, exercise is generally a smart idea! 

Bottom Line 

Exercise is good for you, but you have to choose your activity wisely! 

The best approach is to learn proper exercise techniques, and if you have any health concerns or injuries, consult a professional for guidance and instructions. 

Select a low-risk activity that is appropriate for your health and fitness level, and start slowly. Gradual progression and constant monitoring will help you avoid injury and stay safe. 

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